“From Hero to Zero: ‘Black Adam’ Sequel Cancellation Blamed on Warner Bros. & DC’s ‘Vortex of New Leadership'”

In a recent clip from the show Hart to Heart on Peacock, Kevin Hart asks Dwayne Johnson why the movie Black Adam didn’t get a sequel, despite a successful opening and strong support from fans.

Dwayne Johnson explains that Black Adam faced challenges due to company leadership changes. The movie also experienced setbacks because of Covid-related interruptions.

He points out that when a publicly-traded company undergoes leadership changes, new people come in and make decisions that may not align with everyone’s creative and financial vision.

Last December, Johnson shared on social media that Black Adam wouldn’t be part of DC’s initial plans. However, DC Studios and Seven Bucks agreed to explore other ways to include Black Adam in future DC multiverse chapters.

This decision came after the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, decided to cancel the nearly-completed Batgirl film, which had a budget of $60 million-$70 million.

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Reflecting on the situation, Johnson says that Black Adam was caught in the web of new leadership, and why the movie was not included in the new DCU remains a mystery.

Despite this, sources indicate that Black Adam didn’t lose much money. Johnson and others wonder why, considering the film’s performance and positive aspects, it wasn’t part of the new DCU.

Johnson believes in putting the audience first and creating fresh opportunities for them. However, the studio may have had different priorities.

He likens the situation to sports, where a new team owner wants to leave their mark on a franchise, even if it means changing key players.

In the end, Johnson remains at peace with his decisions, keeping the audience’s interests in mind, even if the studio’s approach may have differed.

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