In today’s modern world, business is about competition for scarce resources. It is also a method of getting something that you want through cooperation with others.

Businesses compete for customers and other businesses. Customers choose to buy from the company offering them the best deal. The company offering a better deal will be able to remain in business longer than other companies.

To get what you want from other people or groups, it is possible to make them do things through threats or by convincing them that cooperating would be better for them as well as you.

In terms of work organizing itself, this means there are three basic types of jobs: producers, competitors, and collaborators. The typical office worker obviously belongs into the third category, which is the cooperation type. When you are working with other people on a common goal, everyone can benefit from everyone else’s effort positively.

The business has both good and bad sides. It means that there are opportunities for growth as well as risks of losing your job or not making enough money to live. It also means that there are chances to build relationships with others in your industry, which may lead to collaborations and favors.  Of course, it also means that there might be competing against those same people and that they may try to prevent you from doing better than them by themselves.

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