What Is A Short-Term Health Benefit To Quitting Drug Use?

This article is about what is a short-term health benefit to quitting drug use? We will discuss what benefits the body has in the first few weeks of sobriety and what you can do to keep these benefits.

Drug addiction is a major problem that affects millions of people every year. So, what happens when you stop taking drugs? Those who are addicted to drugs will often do what they can to keep from going through withdrawal. There is a reason why addiction is considered as one of the worst addictions and dependencies are known today – it’s essentially your body telling you what it needs for you not to survive and live healthily.

What Is A Short-Term Health Benefit To Quitting Drug Use?

So what are some benefits that you will experience in the first few weeks of sobriety?

First, what benefits do drugs have on your body that cause people to become addicted? When a person uses drugs for extended periods, they alter how neurotransmitters are released and received within the brain. This can create what is known as a drug tolerance or hypersensitivity towards certain substances. Without getting too technical here, this means that over time someone’s ability to feel pleasure becomes lessened when not under the influence. There are reasons why individuals begin using different types of drugs like opioids (heroin), benzodiazepines (Xanax) and others, including stimulants (cocaine). These substances act upon special receptors found throughout many parts of the brain.

When are some short-term effects that drug use has on your body?

Many negative health conditions and problems can occur from using drugs for a long time, but what will happen in the first few weeks when someone quits using them? In this particular article, we will focus mostly on opiates, opioids and other similar substances because they have been seen as one of the leading causes of death today. If you want more information about what happens during withdrawal stages from different drugs, please visit our blog post about opioid withdrawal.

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However, if you’d like to know what’s happening after over three months or so since quitting, then check out what happens after 90 days without heroin.

What happens to your body when someone quits drugs?

The first few weeks are the most difficult because there is a sudden change in how neurotransmitters work within the brain. When drug use becomes chronic, what happens is that dopamine levels become depleted, and it takes time for them to build back up again.

There was an actual study done on what occurs during opiate withdrawal, which can be seen here. It means that once people quit using these substances entirely, they may experience depression, irritability and many other health problems, including disease processes like hepatitis or HIV. Not only will you feel ill physically but mentally since addiction has such strong ties to mental illness (for more information, check out our blog post about what is a habit).

What happened to help with the short-term health benefit of quitting drugs?

Many happen during drug withdrawal, but some things can be done to handle these adverse effects for those who find themselves going through this. First and foremost, staying away from other people who may still use drugs should be a top priority (if not already).

Secondly, you will need someone close to you, like a family member or loved one, to take care of you and make sure your immediate needs are met. This includes food, water and shelter if necessary, and making specific medication prescriptions that doctors can’t stop suddenly without proper guidance (which could lead to fatal consequences such as death).

Thirdly, what should you do after detoxing from drugs? It would help if you found the best treatment centre for your needs and what you want in terms of care. This includes what types of therapies are offered as well as other services which might be necessary such as vocational training or job placement assistance (if needed).

What does not happen when someone quits using drugs?

Another thing that people don’t realize about drug addiction and recovery is what doesn’t happen during withdrawal. These symptoms will most likely go away within a week. However, there can always be exceptions, especially if it becomes severe enough where medical attention has to become sought out by doctors. Some may experience some depression, but this too shall pass with time and patience on their part. No one has to quit drugs alone, and there are plenty of what you need for recovery, which can be found through professional help.

What happens after things have settled down?

If someone has gone through withdrawal successfully, then what will happen is that they’ll feel a sense of relief, but it’s going to take time before their life returns to normal again. This doesn’t just include getting rid of drug cravings or substance abuse. Still, everything else in terms of relationships with others and mental health issues such as depression may remain even if this isn’t fully resolved until months later. To get an idea about what happens when treatment ends, please check out our blog post here. In closing, what is what you need to know about quitting drugs?


Quitting drug use is a big decision. It’s one that many people don’t know how to make and often find themselves stuck in the cycle of addiction for years at a time. But there are benefits too – both short-term and long term. The question then becomes, what will you do with all this newfound free time? What won’t happen when someone quits using drugs? And what can be done to help achieve these short-term health benefits sooner rather than later? These questions and more are answered below! If you’re looking for an expert opinion on quitting substances like cocaine or heroin, reach out today to get started on your journey towards sobriety. We’ll partner with you every step of the way as you work through the many obstacles ahead.

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